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How to hide files or folders in Image using cmd in Windows

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Hi! There, if you ever wondered how to hide file or folder in Image then you are in the right place. In this post, I’ll tell you the easiest and quickest method to hide a folder or file in an Image. Hiding file in Image is very useful if you are doing Social Engineering Attack or sending important data to someone. You can also hide private data in an Image and no one will find it because when someone will try to open it, they’ll see an image only. So let’s get started.

We’ll basically use the copy command of windows to combine our Image file and our data file. Copy command can be used to combine multiple files. Visit here for more information on the copy command.


How to hide file or folders in Image

Step 1
First, compress the file or folder you want to hide using WinRar or any other software. Or you can use windows default archiver. Just right click on the file or folder you want to hide and click on send to and then compress. Rename the file name if you want. 

compressing the file

Step 2
Now move the Image file and the zip file in the desktop or in the same directory. Now open the command prompt in the same directory by typing cmd in the address bar in the file explorer, this will open the command prompt in the current directory.

 opening cmd in file explorer


or you can open the command prompt by clicking on the start menu and type cmd and press enter. Now you can use the cd command to go to the directory where your zip and image file is present.

cmd in start menuchanging directory

Step 3
Type the below code in the terminal
copy /b imagename.extension + fileName.extension outputName.extension
In the place of extension type the extension of your image like PNG or JPG and in the place of file extension type in ZIP or RAR as shown in the below example. In my case my image name is image.png and the file name is and its output is out.png

hide file or folders in image

Now when you’ll open it, it will open as an image file now you can send it just like sending an image file. The size of this new image will be the total size of the zip and image file. So if your image size is 1 MB and zip file size is 100 MB then the size of your new image will be 101 MB which is quite big to be an image and people will get a doubt so be careful when hiding file or folder in the image. Use small size file or folders. 


Step 4

Now when you want to open the hidden file just open your output image in WinRar or any other Extracter software. You can also rename the extension of the output image to zip from png and then open it as a normal zip file.

That’s it you are done. Now you can hide file or folder in an image file and no one will know that the image is containing some sort of data. Enjoy and share if you liked the post. If you faced any problem or stuck at any step, just comment down.